We represent Julius Schulte Trebsen for markets in Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro. Our paper is used in various high quality paper products such as corrugated, offset, paper honeycomb and other applications. The range includes standard testliner and fluting grades as well as numerous special grades. We offer a wide range of basis weights and roll widths


The best of both worlds!
Perfect appearance and performance thanks to cellulose blanket


The brown blanket paper made from 100% recycled paper!
Your choice: Testliner 1, Testliner 2, Testliner 3, Testliner 4


Turn 2 into 1!
THE combination of testliner and corrugated fabric

Corrugated Fabric

The waste paper based heart of every corrugated box!
Your choice: corrugating medium 1, corrugating medium 2, high-performance fluting 2, high-performance fluting 3